This page will direct you to videos from some of the bands I have played with during my career.  Some are from TV shows and some are from live concerts.  Some are pro-shot, and some are shot by friends with a video camera.  So sit back and enjoy !

PIG VOMIT - After my brother John and I won song parody contests on the Howard Stern radio show on WNBC radio in New York in 1984 and 1985, we were hired by him to be his official band for his show and for all the functions and events he would create and host.  We also performed under the same name on our own.

THE EXCELLENT DUDES - A magical night in the Bronx


CORKY LAING'S ALL-STARS - a Fourth of July party in Fairfield, CT where I joined Corky and Felix Cavaliere, Levon Helm, Lester Chambers and Mark Clark for a night of rock and roll !

N.Y.C. SWING - This is a short promo video of the powerhouse orchestra I work with  currently, headed by Steve Shane and Dore DeQuattro. We are available for all private and corporate events. See links.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH RALLY -  As many of you know, Howard Stern has always pushed the boundaries in all media and is justified in doing so by the right granted to us called the First Amendment. It grants us freedom of speech, something too many people take for granted. So Howard staged a rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, which is located right by the United Nations Building. This rally is re-created in Howard's Private Parts movie. This is a short video from that day taken with a hand-held camera which has Howard, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Jessica Hahn, Leslie West and Pig Vomit performing Louie, Louie on stage, protected by Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels.                Publicity

ROASTING VOMIT- This is a short video from Jackie "the Jokeman" Martling's 40th birthday roast with a birthday tribute in song to Jackie from myself and brother John.

ALL STRUNG OUT - Back in 1992, I was a guest on a public access video show called Video Gero with a group of guitarists including the late Sonny Sharrock and Vince Martell , and a bassist and drummer. It was called All Strung Out and this was the opening blues jam from the show.

U S OPEN SORES - This clip is from 1989 from the Howard Stern's US Open Sores video, which was available on VHS. It's the finale of the show from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island . I am performing onstage with Leslie West on guitar, Steve Luongo from Rat Race Choir on drums and Al Rennino on bass. Sam Kinison is on lead screaming, and everyone from the Stern show is on stage, along with the rest of Pig Vomit, dancers, security, and audience members trying to get on the stage as well ! It was truly a "Wild Thing " !

BELTRAMI MEMORIAL BASH - This is a clip of two songs from the 5th annual Memorial Day bash backyard party for our friends in the Bronx. Pig Vomit was the main band, but all throughout the party we had many other musicians sitting in with us. This is Gene Cornish from the Young Rascals fame performing I Feel Good by James Brown and Good Lovin' by the Young Rascals.

PADDY DOHERTY'S XMAS PARTY -  We had a great time on 12/20/09 performing at Paddy's in the Bronx.  The band included Jim Keneally on bass and vocals, Andrew Caturano on drums, Benny Harrison on keys and vocals along with special guest musicians , as always. Santa was there, and we thank those of you who came.


THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - The last performances @ Paddy Doherty's before they close !