These links will take you to hear various recordings I've made with various bands and artists over the years in both studio and live situations. They are in mp3 format and should load quickly.

1 . TALSHIA - this is the fusion band I was part of in 1979 and 80' .

2.  HARLEM SHUFFLE HOAX - It was 1985 and the Rolling Stones were world-premiering their new single at a specified time with only specified stations across the USA. When Howard found out that Harlem Shuffle was actually a re-make of an old tune he decided to prank the Stones and the rest of radioland. My brother John and I went to Colony Records  at 11 PM and bought a copy of the original single. We then spent the rest of the night  recording our own version of the song with Fred Norris from the show playing Mick Jagger. Later that morning Howard played the record on KRock , hours before the real world premiere, telling everyone that he was the only one to have the exclusive world premiere of the song. Here is the studio version and aircheck of the event, along with some of the reaction in the press.

3.  SONG PARODIES - Some of the song parodies heard on the Howard Stern show.

4.  JACK BRUCE - While I was working with Corky Laing and Mark Clark, we played a gig at the Lone Star Roadhouse in NYC . Two of the special guests that evening were Jack Bruce and Phoebe Snow. The first piece features Jack on piano and vocals doing a song he wrote called Theme For An Imaginary Western, later made famous by Mountain. The second has Jack on bass this time with Phoebe on vocals and is called Bring It On Home To Me.

5.  B.C. - Even though TALSHIA was a band of very talented players, we couldn't find work playing the music we played in the local clubs. So we opted to add a vocalist named Donna Von Plock. I'm trying to track down some audio of this band but for now here are some photos. We also changed our name to Bitches Crystal. We had some success but internal pressures broke the band up, and I carried on with Dominick. We added my brother John, Frank Esposito on keys and drummer Pat Nestor , and shortened the name to B.C. Here are some photos and some audio tracks from My Father's Place in Roslyn, Long Island.  Jane   -  Blue Collar Man  -   Dancin' Fool / Reelin' in the Years   .  Shortly thereafter, I left for Berklee.

6.  CHRIS BROWN - this is an album recorded in 1987 by singer/songwriter Chris Brown entitled The Edge Of Life. It features Chris backed up by 4/5 of the members of Pig Vomit. Frank Esposito, Andrew Caturano, Tony Mercadante, and myself are on these selections from the album, which I also produced.   Me & My Radio , Sell My Soul , Life's a Tricky PropositionPhoto

7. MANHATTAN BREWING CO. SHOWS - Pig Vomit did a number of shows with Howard Stern, some of which were broadcast live over 92.3 WXRK in NY. He would invite celebrities and musical guests to appear and we would back up those performers. Since Howard would go on the air at 6 am, we would have to be there at 4:30 am to get set up and work on the music, which could be difficult after playing a club gig the night before ! But the show must go on. So here are some airchecks of a few of those performances. This first one is a St. Patrick's Day party on 3/17/87. This is Lou Gramm from Foreigner doing Midnight Hour, Louie Louie, our electric Irish jig, and Shotgun with the Rock and Roll Madam. The next one is from the same party and features Colin Hay from Men at Work premiering I Need You Now, followed by a twisted version of Who Can it Be Now ? {I remember having literally 5 minutes to work out these songs}. The third cut is Howard Stern doing Whole Lotta Love with us, as Dee Snider and Lisa Sliwa snap on each other from Howard's birthday party. Our fourth entry is from Howard's 1988 birthday celebration featuring Felix Cavaliere from the Rascals performing Good Lovin and People Got to Be Free. The final link is Steve Rossi from the comedy team of Alan & Rossi performing More. Dick Cavett  is there, too.

8. FORDHAM STREET - here are some demos of songs I wrote with Mike Nappi contributing additional lyrics in 1995 and 1996.

9. TV THEME SONGS PLAYED BY PIG VOMIT - These are the bumpers used for the Howard Stern syndicated Radio Show which we recorded in 1986.

10. PADDY DOHERTY'S SPECIAL JAM - This was the night when 17 musicians and singers showed up to jam with me during one of my Thursday night performances. The date was 9-3-09.