On many of the nights I've performed at Paddy Doherty's Ale House in the Bronx this year ,a number of musicians have shown up and played with me to the great enjoyment of our audience. Sometimes people who were scheduled to come have had to cancel , and sometimes other friends show up unexpectedly which is usually a nice surprise ! Well, on this particular night EVERYBODY showed up, and then some ! We had 18 musicians and singers play that night, and there were still many in the audience who declined to play because they were having such a good time listening to everyone else. There was a complete reunion of a band who hadn't played together in over twenty years, along with people who'd never played before with each other. There were two common factors : All these musicians called the Bronx home at some time in their lives, and all these musicians are my friends. I thank all of them for playing as well as all of you that came out to enjoy an evening of live music. Fortunately we had a recorder going so you can hear what happened for yourself !  Enjoy !       -  Tim

FIRST SET:    Tim - lead guitar and vocals, Jim Keneally- bass and vocals, Andrew Caturano- drums and vocals, Bruce Rust - guitar and vocals.  Other guests as noted.

1. Irish Jig- Hava Nagila - MacNamara's Band

2. Come Together - Stir It Up

3. Bell Bottom Blues

4. Nowhere Man - I Wish                                                                                                                           Photos click here

5. Try a Little Tenderness

6. Under the Boardwalk - Be My Baby  with Rosie Burgos-Ritch on vocals

7. Chain of Fools - Dancin in the Street with Alley Mulrain on vocals

8. What I Like About You - Rockin In the USA  with Ted McCallion on drums and backing vocals

9. Love the One You're With


SECOND SET :  Reunion of Big Eric and the Budget Crunch  featuring  Eric Walters - guitar and vocals, Mike Holleman - drums and vocals, and Gary Bristol - bass and vocals .  If anyone knows the song titles for songs 1 and 3 please e-mail me.

1.  Big Eric song 1

2. Start All Over Again

3. Big Eric song 3

4. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool Ya                                                                                                           HOME

5. I Want You Back



1. Peg with Tim, Andrew, and Eddie Denise on bass and vocals

2. Can't Get Enough of your Love with Tim , Andrew and Eddie Denise on bass and vocals

3. Josie with Tim, Andrew and Jim

4. Theme for an Imaginary Western with Tim on guitar, Paul Curtin on bass, Pete LoCasto on vocals  , Chuck Anderson on guitar [ all from the band Strange Brew ],  Joe Hone on guitar ,  Bruce Rust on guitar, and John Schirmer on drums

5. Johnny B. Goode - Wipeout with Tim on guitar and vocals , Paul Curtin on bass, Bruce Rust, Chuck Anderson and Joe Hone on guitars, and Joe Bruno on drums

6. Roadhouse Blues - Pride and Joy with the same players as on song 5 plus John Cummings on lead vocals

7. Shake Your Body - with Tim , Jim , Andrew and Bruce